CS111 - Discrete Mathematics in CS
Computer Science Department, Kuwait University
Course Information


Instructor: Dr. Hussain Almohri

Lecture time: 11:00--12:15 M W

Office hours:

T.A.: Asmaa

Official textbook: Discrete Mathematics and its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen.

Brief description: Discrete mathematics touches on a variety of topics tha will benefit computer science, including mathematical logic, set theory, reasoning, counting, relations, and graphs. Students will use the concepts to develop an understanding of the underlying structures for computing, especially for understanding and analyzing algorithms, intelligent systems, and programming in general.


Midterm 1 20% (Monday 23 October 2017)
Midterm 2 20% (Monday 27 November 2017)
Coursework 20%
Final 40% (Monday 25 December 2017 11:00--13:00)

Course activities

11/12/2017: Transitive closure, equivalence relations, partitions, partial ordering
06/12/2017: Relations, relation properties, matrix and digraph representations, closures
04/12/2017: Binomial coefficients, Pascal identity, generalized permutations
29/11/2017: Permutation and combination, pigeonhole principle
20/11/2017: Multiplication and addition rules, and counting applications
13/11/2017: Strong induction
08/11/2017: Introduction to mathematical induction
06/11/2017: Sequences, summation, and countability
25/10/2017: Functions and various function types
18/10/2017: Introduction to set theory
16/10/2017: Biconditional proofs, proof of existence, uniqueness, backward reasoning
11/10/2017: Using logical inference for mathematical proofs. Trivial, direct, contrapositive, and contradiction proofs.
09/10/2017: Arguments, valid argument forms, inference rules
04/10/2017: Nested quantifiers
02/10/2017: Translating English statements to predicate logic expressions
27/09/2017: Predicate logic
25/09/2017: Applications of logic, logical equivalency, equivalence laws, disjunctive normal form, conjunctive normal form, logical consistency, satisfiability
20/09/2017: Definition of propositions, compound propositions, basic operations on propositions, proof of equivalence