CS126 - Computer Programming (Python)
Computer Science Department, Kuwait University
Course Information


Instructor: Dr. Hussain Almohri

Lecture time: 9:30--10:45

Office hours:

T.A.: Galal Hassan

Official textbook: Introduction to Programming in Python

Brief description: In this course, students will learn about the basics of computers and programming languages. This course will study the very basic structures of a computer program in Python. Students will learn to use Python for scientific programming, data analysis, and useful scientific and educational applications. The course will extensively focus on learning programming concepts such as variables, strings, libraries, functions, input and output, and data processing.


Course activities

11/12/2017: Reading from and writing to files, sets and set operations
06/12/2017: Named parameters, default values, lambda functions
04/12/2017: Multiple parameters, multiple return values, variable scope
29/11/2017: Introduction to functions
22/11/2017: Programming applications
20/11/2017: Program to compute median, split a list into two, and count frequencies
15/11/2017: More for loop examples, opening and searching a file, the pass statement
13/11/2017: Nested for loops
08/11/2017: More on while loop and for loop
06/11/2017: while loop
25/10/2017: if, else, elif, and applications
18/10/2017: if-statement
16/10/2017: Conditions and relational operators
11/10/2017: Lists and tuples
09/10/2017: Example applications
04/10/2017: More on string formatting and print
02/10/2017: More on find, other string functions, string output formatting
27/09/2017: Introduction to strings, find, rfind
25/09/2017: Numbers and their operations in Python, variables, assignment, augmented assignment, print function
20/09/2017: Introduction to flow charts and algorithms